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The Lifestyle & change Mindset

9 Apr

I feel bad because I tell myself I can’t do all I used to.  I think I am not the same.  I am the same just a bit wiser.  Some things I hope I never go back to like smoking.  However I told myself I am trying to hard (mindset)  but find myself thinking bad about myself and think I should do more cleaning.

However it is just me putting myself down (I am not doing my exercise, playing my keyboard and not doing my crafts which I called these kind of things my rituals.  To tell  the truth they seemed to help my mind and I wasn’t just doing housework.  One side of me felt more fulfilled and more of a person.

So I am going to put those negative thoughts about me out of my mind.  I will go back to my rituals or interests.  Thank you for reading this and being with me on my journey.


Depression Won’t Beat Me

9 Apr

I’ve been reading posts and articles about depression.  Yes I fight it and I won’t let it conquer me.  I will keep fighting it and keep going especially when I have the energy to     do things.     That’s when I know I am winning.  Yes there are bad days when I haven’t slept the night before and I am  a hot mess and too weak to do anything.

However I get myself together and self talk. I tell myself it’s just a state of mind.  The funny thing about me is when I can be active I have to tell myself to slow down and stop racing.  I am afraid of being manic and doing and doing even late at night and becoming sick.

I am going to close because it is late but I hope I have helped someone by sharing this.

The Lifestyle & Love

29 Aug

At the prime of my life, I will be blessed if I have health but more so if I have love.

Love gives health because without love I will die a slow and sad death. If I don’t have love and I don’t know how to give love I am already dead. I must know how to accept and receive love. I will know because of experiences in my life.

At the prime of my life I look back at all the things I have done in my life, accomplishes and failures. I know that if I tried I did not failed because it is only in not trying that is failure. I decide to do some of those things again.

Like others I have had sadness and hardships mixed with good times and bad. I will reinvent myself by doing the good things that I can and want to do again. I will be young forever.

I won’t look back with regret because everyday I awake to see the new things and the old and enjoy them.
I truly celebrate life.