Zip my Mouth Up.

25 Apr

viI will learn to zip my mouth rather than offend, not to offer advice when I know it,s just how I do things and may not be the right thing for someone else. aily Prompt: Zip  However when I feel the need to defend I will unzip.  I will express myself when I should and not to judge others.

However when someone offends me I will let them know.  If they choose to still offend and don,t zip it up I will not argue but know that this is not a friend that I need to associate with.


in need of distraction

21 Apr


Disclaimer : I am not a medical professional. Do not follow my advice blindly. Always listen to your body [and your doctor] over me. I write from my personal experiences, not yours. 

Giving into a chronic pain flare* is the quickest way to escalate it. While it may seem impossible to get yourself out of bed [and the house], it’s usually exactly what your body needs. Filling our days with positive distractions can be as helpful, if not more, than taking a pill to mask those pain signals for a few hours.

Pictured above is a flowchart to utilize on the days when you just don’t want to do anything. Push yourself to get going, but listen to your body and give it a rest when it needs one. Know your limitations, but don’t let them keep you from trying new experiences.

I’ll confess, I push it too far some days, but…

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Depression Won’t Beat Me

9 Apr

I’ve been reading posts and articles about depression.  Yes I fight it and I won’t let it conquer me.  I will keep fighting it and keep going especially when I have the energy to     do things.     That’s when I know I am winning.  Yes there are bad days when I haven’t slept the night before and I am  a hot mess and too weak to do anything.

However I get myself together and self talk. I tell myself it’s just a state of mind.  The funny thing about me is when I can be active I have to tell myself to slow down and stop racing.  I am afraid of being manic and doing and doing even late at night and becoming sick.

I am going to close because it is late but I hope I have helped someone by sharing this.

Acceptance, What Does It Mean?

28 Mar

I saw a prompt called acceptance.  It’s funny, when I was a kid growing up. I never thought about it.  Everything was fine.  You made friends with your classmates.  It’s strange but I never thought of it as being accepted.

I guess I didn’t have a problem until I graduated from high school and went on to college which I quit and went back as an adult.  Who’s worried about being accepted then I had too much to do going to school and raising a child at the same time.

At first I wasn’t accepted by some because I was one of those girls who was Sandra Dee straight out of a Catholic high school and unprepared for life.  I soon learned as I grew up and became a little fast,  This was as a teenager not an adult with a child.


i made friends and sometimes not.  I had to learn though that you don’t have to give up your values or try to change to make  friends.  You are lucky if you have two  friends that accept you for yourself  and have the same values and goals as you.  Those are real friends.  I am kinda shy even now to make   friends because I have had bad experiences with people who were not true friends. .


2 Mar

Doubt:  I doubt myself when it comes to some things even little things I used to do.  I think the only way is to try to do them.  I doubt myself and it may be because I am putting to much on my plate.

I don’t like not being able to do anything for myself.  I have to stop doubting myself and do those things because I almost became incompetent letting others do the things I used to do.  I won’t doubt myself when I stop thinking that I can’t do somethings.  Also realize I am human when I put too much on my plate.

Another Lifestyle

14 Feb

I don’t think a person is vain or shallow because she takes care of herself.  I am a fine one to talk.  I finally went to a beauty shop and had my hair dyed.   I felt like a new person.  That’s what it’s about renewing oneself and making the best of oneself.

I haven’t been to the nail shop in about three months.  My toenails and fingernails are looking raggedy.  That’s the next thing I have to take care of.  Get a pedicure and manicure please.

I may visit the mall and shop for a couple of new pants and dress for the spring.  However I am taking my time because I can be a bit of a shopaholic. However I know that before the week is over I’ll be at my local drugstore for my stash.  My stash are the things I stock up on for the week.  Among these are cosmetics and fun things like magazines and CD’s.  This is a kind of renewal and a fun thing.  Well this may not seem important but I just wanted to share some tips with you.

Finding Your Place

14 Dec

I can’t say one place I lived since I may be a composite of all.  I sometimes think of the place I grew up in.  However I know that it is not the same and sometimes we think of the past better or worst.  I find myself dreaming about a place that doesn’t exist.

It is peaceful with close friends.  Then I think of all the crime and fear of trusting others. That place I long for in the past no longer exist.  I have to live now and not in the past.  Making the best of now and finding the good is the place I may make.  I have to find my place now.  I will enjoy and maybe make now the place I should be, whether it is to make it better somehow and enjoying that.