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Another Lifestyle

14 Feb

I don’t think a person is vain or shallow because she takes care of herself.  I am a fine one to talk.  I finally went to a beauty shop and had my hair dyed.   I felt like a new person.  That’s what it’s about renewing oneself and making the best of oneself.

I haven’t been to the nail shop in about three months.  My toenails and fingernails are looking raggedy.  That’s the next thing I have to take care of.  Get a pedicure and manicure please.

I may visit the mall and shop for a couple of new pants and dress for the spring.  However I am taking my time because I can be a bit of a shopaholic. However I know that before the week is over I’ll be at my local drugstore for my stash.  My stash are the things I stock up on for the week.  Among these are cosmetics and fun things like magazines and CD’s.  This is a kind of renewal and a fun thing.  Well this may not seem important but I just wanted to share some tips with you.