Archive | October, 2015
12 Oct

My brand may be the clothes I wear.  I like clothes and as you know to shop for them.  I used to say I am not high end but find myself in those stores and liking the things they have.  I wear Marc Fisher and Liz Claiborne bags among others I like.

I shop at Macys and buy the latest jeans even though sometimes I look for the cheaper brand.

All my nightgowns are from Macys or Dillards   However I like Payless Shoe Store and Sears and buy there shoes not because they are cheaper but comfortable.

However one of me had little money.  I couldn’t think of keeping up with the latest style.  I shopped very little and wore hand me downs and went to only thrift stores and discount houses.  Now you know all about me. The two of me are the same and I don’t feel guilty for what I have now.  What happened to the girl who had less?.  She became a shopaholic because she never wants to be her again.