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On Organizing-Yearly

31 Jul

This stops a hoarding lifestyle

My Blog Journal of Organizing, Shopping & My Life

Once or twice a year I clean and declutter.  The closets began to look junky with shoes or shoeboxes almost falling out.  I find that my clothes are smashed together and my drawers begin to be overfilled.  I notice I have lots of clothes but like certain ones and make a point of wearing them.  Some hang there waiting to be discarded or given to somebody who can use them.

I’ve been cleaning and decluttering for two days.  I also included a cosmetic box with toiletries and creams, etc that I have too much of.  I find that I have shoes in a closet that I had for a year or two that I never wear.  Mostly because they aren’t comfortable.

I purge and pack these things up to send to the shelter and at the same time making a list of new clothes I need.  Well the shelter won’t be…

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