This is Living?

23 Jun

Something is  holding me down.  I can hardly get out of bed.  Every morning it is hard for me to face another day.  What is doing this to me?  I can’t do half the housework I used to do.  I just drag around the house or stay in bed.  I’ve been this way before and I know it’s beautiful when you come out of it.

It can’t be forever.  Do I need to change my way of thinking?.  It is hard.  Have I forgotten or not tried to play my favorite CD”s to be happy when I do accomplish something no matter how small? I need to practice some affirmations.  Do a little self-talk to myself when I am down. I blame others for the way I feel but in the end I know it is up to me to be able to fight this feeling.

I have forgotten those little things that make me feel good.  A light bulb goes off in my head.  When is the last time I have gone to the beauty shop?  I haven’t gotten a manicure/pedicure in almost a year.  Maybe if I do something for myself I’ll be able to or have the new energy that I need to do the other things that need to be done.


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