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This is Living?

23 Jun

Something is  holding me down.  I can hardly get out of bed.  Every morning it is hard for me to face another day.  What is doing this to me?  I can’t do half the housework I used to do.  I just drag around the house or stay in bed.  I’ve been this way before and I know it’s beautiful when you come out of it.

It can’t be forever.  Do I need to change my way of thinking?.  It is hard.  Have I forgotten or not tried to play my favorite CD”s to be happy when I do accomplish something no matter how small? I need to practice some affirmations.  Do a little self-talk to myself when I am down. I blame others for the way I feel but in the end I know it is up to me to be able to fight this feeling.

I have forgotten those little things that make me feel good.  A light bulb goes off in my head.  When is the last time I have gone to the beauty shop?  I haven’t gotten a manicure/pedicure in almost a year.  Maybe if I do something for myself I’ll be able to or have the new energy that I need to do the other things that need to be done.


Why I’m not applauding Bruce Jenner

3 Jun

Something well worth reading.

all our lemmony things

I’ve been told I can be pretty liberal for a Christian. My husband often pokes fun at how passionate I get over issues that don’t even involve me, especially issues that many Christians stand against, (like giving service to gay couples at bakeries), and he will shake his head and smile at how loudly opinionated I get.

I have several gay friends who I absolutely love, atheist friends I have fun having conversations with, and co-workers I’d die for despite their very opposite line of beliefs. I don’t protest in the streets against civil rights, I don’t gawk at tattoos and piercings or judge those who drink wine at work functions. I believe in women’s rights in the workplace and respect for all races. I believe that everyone has the right to worship however, even if those religions contradict with mine. Liberal? Fine. I like to call it human.

And because that’s…

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