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How Do We Get Life

30 Apr

I haven’t written much about my feelings.  I was probably afraid to but I have found some wonderful bloggers who do on WordPress.  I don’t know what kind of a lifestyle is this.  It[s one where you have to find life in you, energy, and the will to go on and achieve even if achievement means cleaning your house or doing your hobbies.

Today was a very slow rather depressing day.  However part of it was because I awoke afraid my mind would keep going reminding me to do this and that.  It was almost like my body was telling me to slow down.  Part of me is afraid to bew like those people who are always up.  you know the people who are always busy and everything seems beautiful in there life.

I just about became like that when I was younger or more trying to be, telling myself I was and I almost had a nervous breakdown and ended up in a hospital suffering from exhaustion.  Yes I am afraid of being that way because I know I[ll be kidding myself and not letting what is under that come out.  However afraid that if I hide my real feelings and don[w vent or let them out, not even admitting to myself.  I may become like a volcano ready to erupt.

Sometimes we may have to just go with our feelings and hope that we have stored energy for the next day and have the life in us to live the kind of life we want.


Purging And Me

22 Apr


I purge my clothes donating and discarding those that I no longer use

I purge my home decluttering and getting rid of all the things I no longer need.  I even purge my body cleansing it of topics.

All this is well and good but I can’t purge my heart.  You are still there even though I know you are not good for me .

I can’t purge my heart of you and at the same time I am afraid to let others in,

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