What Happened In 2014.

31 Dec

Here it is New Year’s Eve already. I’m thinking about this whole year and I ask you to allow me to express myself and maybe talk a little about myself.

This has been a year of unexpected doctors and hospital visits since February of 2014. I had a mammeogram which resulted in the fear I”ve had and every woman. I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I had a lumpectomy and another follow-up operation to make sure I was cancer free.

I could not feel cancer free having to go through six and a half weeks of radiation Monday through Friday. There’s a good side to this. I would wonder how that would be. People prayed for me and I had to pray for the strength to go through. I met nice people who were going through the same thing I am. There was a Christmas party at the hospital for Breast Cancer survivors and I had a wonderful time. I never thought I would have a better outlook, get my energy back and be able to feel happiness again.

I have another mammeogram coming up this February. Of course the fear is back afraid of another lump or something else. However I won’t let fear overtake me like I did before.

Well I’ve gone on and on about me but I thank some of you for the posts that leaves me with a serenity and feeling of fulfillment. Happy New Years and may you be blessed.


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