Writing As An Outlet

20 Nov

I read a post titled “What do Exercise, Veggies, and Writing Have In Common.”  It made me think.  The thing I think they have in common are they are all good for health.  Writing lets me express myself.  At the same time I can sometimes write about fictional characters that have a little bit of me in them.  I enjoy this.  I can write them and apply my amateur psychology to them.

I can also express myself.  I am breast cancer survivor.  I haven’t written much about this on Word Press but joined a site with women who are also survivors and get wonderful inspiration stories from them.  Facebook Friends reached out to me when I told them when I was first diagnosed.  They gave me support and started a prayer circle.  It’s like having a sisterhood.  Before this I always thought of writing as an outlet sometimes to rant and ramble, giving me an outlet.  Yes. writing is a stress reliever and great emotional helper,


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