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Writing As An Outlet

20 Nov

I read a post titled “What do Exercise, Veggies, and Writing Have In Common.”  It made me think.  The thing I think they have in common are they are all good for health.  Writing lets me express myself.  At the same time I can sometimes write about fictional characters that have a little bit of me in them.  I enjoy this.  I can write them and apply my amateur psychology to them.

I can also express myself.  I am breast cancer survivor.  I haven’t written much about this on Word Press but joined a site with women who are also survivors and get wonderful inspiration stories from them.  Facebook Friends reached out to me when I told them when I was first diagnosed.  They gave me support and started a prayer circle.  It’s like having a sisterhood.  Before this I always thought of writing as an outlet sometimes to rant and ramble, giving me an outlet.  Yes. writing is a stress reliever and great emotional helper,


What do exercise, veggies, and writing have in common?

20 Nov

I agree with this.

The Daily Post

Part of the mission that drives The Daily Post is to provide encouragement and inspiration to people who want to be more active writers, bloggers, and creators. We often provide tips on how to write or prompts on what to write, but today, let’s talk about why to write.

Science stands firmly in support of what many of us intuitively know: writing is good for you.

Studies have shown that just the act of putting words together to express yourself leads to several physical and mental health benefits, including:

  • Improved mood and sense of well-being
  • Decreased stress and anxiety levels
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Better memory and sleep

Writing has been shown to boost immune responses, speed post-surgical healing, and help cancer patients cope with their diagnosis and treatment. Writing has also been linked to improvements in managing chronic conditions such as asthma and arthritis.

A note about privacy: If you prefer to…

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LookFor The Lifestyle

7 Nov

You’re not too happy in your life.  You want to give up.  It’s humdrum, the same thing day after day.  Maybe you’re just not living the lifestyle you need for happiness.  Look into yourself.  You’re not sure what you want.  Try different things out from sewing to construction work.  There’s a lot of different things in this age and time.  If you want to look for a career or if you stay at home.

You have to look and try to live the lifestyle you want and find it.  It’s there simple or adventurous whatever you are.  Live it.  Reach out.  and once you find things you like to do grab it and savor it.  It’s there.  You just have to look.  Try something you often thought about doing but didn’t.  I am the age where I should be retiring.  I am but I find new things in this life and appreciate them more.

I have even recaptured.  I gave up piano playing years ago.  I didn’t have a piano and I was busy raising a child and taking care of her and myself.  I found I have time on my hands.  I hadn’t forgotten music notes and never thought I’d know the piano again.  IMy husband bought me a keyboard.  I found learning books at thrift shops and taught myself again.  One of my favorite pastimes is playing piano solos.  You can do it  Win the lifestyle you want.

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