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The Daily Post My Lost

19 Sep

What I lost was friends over the years.  I lost most of them because we live in different locations. I moved around a couple of times and lost contacts.  Some of the friends I lost because I found out they were not friends and I needed to lose them.  Others went a different way and interests.

I wonder now.  Since I don’t go out much anymore that I don’t meet many people.  Something tells me that I don’t make friends easily.  I tend to back back from getting close to people.  Is it because of bad experiences with people or afraid of losing them again.  I have the feeling that I have a few friends and some acquaintances.  One or two good friends is better than ten people who aren’t helping you or you can’t help them in life’s journey.


Declutter Your Prose: Three More Phrases to Avoid

4 Sep

Worth reblogging because I may need it in the future.

The Daily Post

In the spring, we noted some examples of phrases that might be distracting or unnecessary in your prose. Since many of you found these suggestions helpful, here’s another round of phrases to avoid:

1. In today’s blog…

Interested in more blog vs. post discussions? Read Slate’s take, Meg Pickard’s note on terminology, and Kristen Havens’ semantics lesson.

blog is your site, posts and pages and all. What you probably meant to write is: “In today’s post…” Or: “In today’s blog post…” Posts make up the content you create on a regular basis, while your blog is your complete online home, your site, on which you publish your posts.

That said, think back to other introductory phrases we’ve talked about: “In this post, I will explain…” or “Today, I will write about…”

This phrase, too, is unnecessary:

In today’s blog, I’d like to share some of the best…

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