Just Another Lifestyle

1 Jul

You have something that happens to you in your life.  Sometimes not so good and you are in darkness thinking the worst.

I underwent surgery recently to remove a lump from my breast.  The Doctor said cancer and were taking it out and checking to see if the cancer had spread.  Horrors.  The thing that scares all women .  I sprent days worrying and feeling so down.  It was like death to me.

I had the operation and finally the results were in.  Another doctor assigned to me gave me the results:  Everything is fine and you are cancer free.  I gushed smiling although almost crying with happiness.

Of course I have to have radiation treatment and take a pill for five to seven years.  However my life is fine and I know ‘l‘ll have to practice the tools so I t won[t get worse and life will be a little different.  Just a different lifestyle as I follow the treatments and practice the tools to be healthy. 

I look on it as a new life something different and a new challenge.  Sometimes when I am feeling down the thought occurs to me that good and exciting things may still come in my life as I go on in this new journey.


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