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What’s the deal with that hashtag thing?

31 Jul

In case you don’t know I’ll pass this on.

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Last weekend, at the blogging panel (which, by the way, was a blast) during the question and answer period, a woman asked about hashtags – “what are they?”

facebook-hashtagIf she asked that, then I figured someone else in our audience might have the same question. Here is the scoop about hashtags.

A hashtag is just that little crossed symbol on your keypad that used to be called the number sign (#).

It’s used on social media (mostly Twitter but it’s on other sites, like Facebook, as well) as a way to do searches. Hashtagged words act as keywords in a search. Think about it, how many words do you know in the English language that start with #? I’m guessing that you can’t come up with many. Because of this, hashtags are used on the internet as a way to easily do searches.

Finding information with Hashtags

Let’s say I’m…

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Repurposing Evergreen Content: Use Blockquotes

20 Jul

Interesting ideas for a post.

The Daily Post

How can you approach your archived content in a new, fresh way?

In a favorite post from last year, we talked about ways to repurpose your blog’s evergreen content — your timeless posts that visitors, particularly new ones, will find useful and relevant, regardless of when you wrote them. Think about your seasonal pieces you can promote each year, or essays and photographs that never grow stale, no matter the year.

Consider these kinds of posts:

  • Your suggested itinerary and backpacking tips for trekking the Camino de Santiago in Spain.
  • Your photo essay of daily life on the streets in Havana, Cuba.
  • A longform piece of memoir on the birth of your first child.
  • Your crafty DIY gingerbread house how-to.
  • A Photoshop tutorial on cropping and straightening.

But repurposing content doesn’t necessarily mean copying and pasting an old post into a new one and hitting “publish.” How can you refresh your…

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Dark Place

20 Jul

Sometimes we go to a dark place. We become addicted to things like stealing, gambling, and even sexual activity, etc. We become hopeless. However there is hope. In that dark tunnel is the light.

Walk to it. Don’t be afraid. It will guide you and give you strength to give up those things and start a new life.

Embrace it. Love it and let it guide you out of the dark place. By now you know that the light is the spirit of God.

Just Another Lifestyle

1 Jul

You have something that happens to you in your life.  Sometimes not so good and you are in darkness thinking the worst.

I underwent surgery recently to remove a lump from my breast.  The Doctor said cancer and were taking it out and checking to see if the cancer had spread.  Horrors.  The thing that scares all women .  I sprent days worrying and feeling so down.  It was like death to me.

I had the operation and finally the results were in.  Another doctor assigned to me gave me the results:  Everything is fine and you are cancer free.  I gushed smiling although almost crying with happiness.

Of course I have to have radiation treatment and take a pill for five to seven years.  However my life is fine and I know ‘l‘ll have to practice the tools so I t won[t get worse and life will be a little different.  Just a different lifestyle as I follow the treatments and practice the tools to be healthy. 

I look on it as a new life something different and a new challenge.  Sometimes when I am feeling down the thought occurs to me that good and exciting things may still come in my life as I go on in this new journey.