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Daily Prompt: What’s your Favorite Way to Spend Saturday Night?

20 Apr

There was one time when my favorite thing to do on Saturday night was go out to the clubs.  For one night I could be a or one of the disco queens.  I could take time with my makeup and wore more than, put on my sexiest outfit like all the other disco queens and bask in the psychedelic lights that made us all stars and sometimes cast glowing lights that made us look prettier. 

My favorite way to spend Saturday night once upon a time was to go to the clubs.  For one night I could be one of the disco queens. I would take time to put a little more makeup on, make sure my hair was in the latest style, and pick out the sexiest outfit I had just like all the other girls.  The psychedelic lights sometimes glowed all around us and sometimes we glowed in a rosey light. 

I danced to the latest hits and picked up dance tips and learned to smile at the guys so I wouldn’t be left sitting.  Yes for one night I could be a disco queen.  What is my favorite way to spend Saturday night now you say?  Staying in and sometimes cuddling with my husband watching a movie and maybe having popcorn.  Tonight the movie was one of the Tyler Perry movies titled “A Day Late, A Dollar Short. It was pretty good.  I was pretty comfortable in my robe and slippers with my face free of makeup.

Oh well  I can always be a disco queen in my home.








Perennial Favorites: About Pages 101

19 Apr

This is information for the About page which is important

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Without an About page, you’re nobody. It’s not only one of the first places new visitors will head if they like what you’re serving up on your blog, it’s also your calling card. The problem is, most About pages are about as enticing as putting your hand into an alligator’s mouth. In fact, to be fair, at least that would have an element of excitement, which is more than can be said for your garden variety About page.

So how do you make your About page worth visiting? Luckily, there’s a ten step program for that (twelve is so 1995). In this 101 post we’ll focus on getting the basics right with five things to keep in mind when carving out an introduction to yourself and your blog that doesn’t scream “nothing to see here, move along.”

1. Know what…

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Daily Prompt: Express Yourself

7 Apr

My favorite way to express myself is to dance.  Then I’m in my own world.  I can move to the music, make my own steps up and live my fantasy.  I’m a great dancer.  I’m a rock star and I move about freely losing my inhibitions.  I can be wild. I can wild and free.  I can be graceful and elegant.  I’m in my own special fantasy world.