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Daily Prompt: Que Sara Sara

27 Mar

I believe that we are all fated to something. I believe also that we are put here to make the best of our life and to do what we can for that extent therefore our destiny.  If I prepare to take care of myself to educate myself or to learn a skill to get a job I am controlling my destiny.

Also if I know what lies ahead of me and think ahead and prepare for the future I am in some way controlling my destiny. It is up to me to make good choices or bad choices.  We can’t always control our destiny. Some of us just fall on hard times and bad luck, and people who wish us to fall.  However by fighting this and trying to change it, we can in some ways control our destiny.


Daily Prompt: Papa Loves Mambo

22 Mar

What kind of music was played in my house growing up?  Oh there was music my parents liked:  Patti Paige, Nat King Cole, Teresa Brewer, and then Let The Good Times Roll.  Later there was rock and roll which us kids liked as we grew into the teen years.

The effect was very good.  I like all kinds of music as adult.  I appreciate the oldies, rhythm and blues, soft rock, and other.  I think I was given a variety.  I still like Let The Good Times Roll though and find myself humming it sometimes.