The Seasons Of My Life

27 Jan

The seasons of my life are decades in one. All the decades come together to make one. I am never old because the youth of my seasons are always there.

I remember how I used makeup when I was a teenager, how I arranged it on my dressing table and I find myself doing that now. I was about to lose the young girl but decided to reinvent myself and do some of the things she did now.

I remember the cute teenage girl who embraced the beauty fo that decade, the styles, the makeup and the music. She’s still a part of me. The music that she listened to is still played now. She smiles and winks as I go through this season with her.

There is also the disco era, the woman who had the freedom of being an adult, free to spread her wings, to do things she once couldn’t do and the freedom to move freely as the music played. I find myself dancing to it now. She is still there.

The seasons of my life come together in one. They will always be a part of me because they are not forgotten and live within me.


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