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A New Years Message

31 Dec

Are you apprehensive about the New Year? Going into this new year don’t ask yourself what you haven’t done. Anticipate and get excited about what you may move on to do .Get excited and anticipate what may come into your life. Look around . You may find those things.

Don’t dwell on negative people or people who may bring negativity in your life. Anticipate new more interesting people may come into your life. Leave the door open.
Let people in who may give you something whether it’s friendship, motivation or their own energetic personalities.

Happy New Years the whole year and anticipate the positive not the negative.


Blinded By The Light

3 Dec

There are two sides to me. One side sees only the light. The other sees the dark side of thing.
I can see only the beauty of some things sometimes and only want to see the beauty. This is not
always a good thing.

I once thought a lady had it all. She surely talked like this. I saw only her beautiful children,
her handsome and good husband that she bragged about. I thought she was a beautiful wife and Mother
with a perfect home.

Then I got to know her and her beautiful family and saw her home. I found out that her kids weren’t so
darling, her husband wasn’t so good and handsome. When I got to know him he made mine look like a saint.
Besides that, the beautiful wife with her beautiful home just hid behind a face she presented to the world.

If ever you think that your life isn’t so good compared to somebody else’s look beyond the surface You
may find that you may prefer yours when all is said and done.

Don’t be blinded by the light as I was
Have a good life. Appreciate it. Count your blessings. Don’t be blinded by the life.