OCD Or What?

7 Oct

This post is from my blog journal of Organizing, Shopping & My Life

My Blog Journal of Organizing, Shopping & My Life

I often do some things that irritating to me.  I put things away and then decide to change them around.  I just finished doing this, changing my things in my makeup and desk dresser around. 

I decide the boxes I have with makeup and those trays just below the vanity table just don’t look right.  After about a half hour or forty five minutes of putting this here and there, sorting makeup and pins, etc. out I decide that the plastic drawers I replace what was previously there are fine.

However I know that it’ll take some will power and talking to myself not to change things a little tomorrow.  OCD?  I think it’s a touch of it.  I went to bed trying to sleep one night and couldn’t because I was going over and over in my mind thinking what I did all day and what I didn’t do.

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