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Daily Post: First Day

30 Oct

I’ll always remember my first day of school.  I started kindergarden  at the age of five years old.  My Mother was afraid that I may not adjust too well and be afraid and cry.  As a good and caring Mother she was , she came to school on my lunch hour.  To her surprise I was happy and acting like a big girl.  Another kid who was a neighbor of ours was in my class.  I bragged to my Mother that the teacher asked the kid what her name was and the kid was shy and probably wanted to go home.  I bragged that I was a big girl and told the teacher, “Her name is Carol’.  My Mother was so proud of me and that was the start of my successful year in kindergarten.  Yes she bragged what a big girl I was and that built up my self-esteem and I’m sure made me want to do well. 


Flamboyant autumn

24 Oct

Beautiful words you can meditate on.

OCD Or What?

7 Oct

This post is from my blog journal of Organizing, Shopping & My Life

Have a question? Ask an editor!

6 Oct

This is something I need to know.

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