What Is The Fear

26 Sep

I’m going to go out today.  I have to run errands.  Yes I’m going to venture into the unknown that I know so well.  I call it the unknown because every time I go out I wonder what’s it’s going to be.

Will I be devoured by a group of people who look a little bit on the show me your moneybag side?  If you know what I mean.

There are guards all around but I try not to notice them because I’ve been told that they may beat me over the head for not looking like them.  However I find sometimes I look different from everybody so I sense that everybody is looking at me with mistrust. They may have there reasons since I’m not really identifying with anybody. 

I’ll just go out and get what I really need my personal things and run back home.  I like those shoes in that window or that dress in that store.  Should I stop and visit the stores and wade through the latest fashions?  Oh I’d better stop and look before I go in the store.  There may be too many people  unlike me.  Oh they don’t look so cool.  They’re probably not shopping.  They may crowd around me and still my purse or worst I may actually be kidnapped!

Oh well I’ll just take my cell phone along and my other things and venture on out there.  A thought is more horrifying than all of my fears above.  The thought is I could possibly be one of those people.  Well I’ll just dress in my conservative slacks, low heel shoes and polyester blouse from the seventies on and they won’t know.


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