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What Is The Fear

26 Sep

I’m going to go out today.  I have to run errands.  Yes I’m going to venture into the unknown that I know so well.  I call it the unknown because every time I go out I wonder what’s it’s going to be.

Will I be devoured by a group of people who look a little bit on the show me your moneybag side?  If you know what I mean.

There are guards all around but I try not to notice them because I’ve been told that they may beat me over the head for not looking like them.  However I find sometimes I look different from everybody so I sense that everybody is looking at me with mistrust. They may have there reasons since I’m not really identifying with anybody. 

I’ll just go out and get what I really need my personal things and run back home.  I like those shoes in that window or that dress in that store.  Should I stop and visit the stores and wade through the latest fashions?  Oh I’d better stop and look before I go in the store.  There may be too many people  unlike me.  Oh they don’t look so cool.  They’re probably not shopping.  They may crowd around me and still my purse or worst I may actually be kidnapped!

Oh well I’ll just take my cell phone along and my other things and venture on out there.  A thought is more horrifying than all of my fears above.  The thought is I could possibly be one of those people.  Well I’ll just dress in my conservative slacks, low heel shoes and polyester blouse from the seventies on and they won’t know.

16 Sep

This post is worth saving

Beginning Memoir Writer

13 Sep

This will really help me to write. I think I’ll even file it.

Live to Write - Write to Live

A former client, (I’ll call her Jane) recently contacted me, not for coaching, but for some writing advice. She’s been wanting to write down her story (you’ll agree that’s a great idea when you read it) but wasn’t sure where to start. She’s been writing journal entries for years and she’s ready to take her writing to the next level.

Since she wants to write a memoir, I recommended she start by making a Life List. I got the term from Denis Ledoux, the author of Turning Memories Into Memoirs, but I’ve heard other writing teachers recommend a similar technique.

Briefly, I told Jane to think of all the things that happened to her in her life, and make a list. One way to break it down is to think about each decade of your life and start filling in events. I like to write my life list…

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Being Bullied: What Have I Got That You Want

6 Sep

We hear about being bullied so much these days.  We hear about kids being bullied mostly but adults are also.  I was bullied in school and a lot of others but not like the things you hear today.  There are unbearable teasing fighting, and killings either by bullies or the people being bullied.

Sometimes people are bullied in other ways adults sometimes in the workplace, at home or sometimes you feel as if you’re being discriminated or just people in general are rude to you.  Look at the person or person who bullies.  Often that person may see something in you they’d like to be.  You may be more attractive, smarter, or have a little more or less.

If you’re like me you may be the kind of person who doesn’t change for others who has to be themselves.  I am a person who tries to be nice to everybody but when it comes to doing what others want me to do or be I am narcissistic enough to know that I have to much to loose to do that.

I think that much of myself.  You should too.  When people or someone wants you to change and to become like them it’s because they usually see something in you that they can’t be.  I’m not saying not to ever confirm, not to change.  Sometimes it is good but if you have to give too much of yourself and to change yourself to their standards I don’t think so.

Don’t worry.  Sometimes the same person or people may change and become like you or try to.  In reality some of them would like to and just can’t Sometimes bullying often is just plain jealousy.  So just be glad that you are you and don’t let them win.  Overpower them and don’t let them overpower you.  They will if you loose yourself.