So This Is My Birthday

5 Aug

So today is my birthday.  It’s a big one but I won’t say that number.  I don’t live it and I don’t feel it.  I think I’m the young and old because I learn from both. 

I’ve been celebrating it for almost two weeks.  I just felt motivated and thought of the new things I have come to know in these last years.  I remember when I was younger.  There was one time when I couldn’t be interested in anything.  Now all I look forward to is new things and going on with the interests I have now.

The things that I am most happy about is that I have a granddaughter starting college this year and my beautiful daughter’s achievements.  She In turn is my proud achievement in life.  Of course I am also happy for my husband and him being my buddy and being able to hang out together since he retired.  We don’t go by any set schedule or rules. We’re just enjoying life.  That’s a kind of freedom to me that I relish.

Some people may feel they have nothing to look forward to at this age.  I feel that I may have a lot to look forward to.  The journey brings different things and you never know what adventures, challenges and blessings it may bring.







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