Daily Prompt:tate Of Your Year

1 Aug

This year has been rewarding but I still have to find things to do.  I made New Year resolutions but as the year went on I made new ones.  I think I really discovered writing this year and used my writing skills I learned in school.  I’m still learning from reading other’s post.

I am still interested in music and playing piano solos on the keyboard.  I have stuck to a nightly schedule of tidying my home up before I go to sleep, washing the dishes, picking up and emptying the garbage.  I find I wake up feeling better.  I am taking better care of my teeth and have a bike exerciser and worked out a daily exercise program that works for me.

I still have my bad days like today.  I haven’t been able to exercise yet because I haven’t slept last night.  I feel pretty good about what I’m doing so far but know I have to work on some things.

The one big thing and thing that brought be the most happiness  is that my Granddaughter graduated from high school.  My birthday is Sunday and I’m looking forward to a fun weekend and have been celebrating in my own way all week.


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