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Daily Prompt: A Little Sneaky

31 Aug

I love the daily promts because it gives me a chance to express myself.
Sometimes I just like to write about a topic in a few words right off the top of my head. A teacher used to tell us to do that and ti works for me.


The Lifestyle & Love

29 Aug

At the prime of my life, I will be blessed if I have health but more so if I have love.

Love gives health because without love I will die a slow and sad death. If I don’t have love and I don’t know how to give love I am already dead. I must know how to accept and receive love. I will know because of experiences in my life.

At the prime of my life I look back at all the things I have done in my life, accomplishes and failures. I know that if I tried I did not failed because it is only in not trying that is failure. I decide to do some of those things again.

Like others I have had sadness and hardships mixed with good times and bad. I will reinvent myself by doing the good things that I can and want to do again. I will be young forever.

I won’t look back with regret because everyday I awake to see the new things and the old and enjoy them.
I truly celebrate life.

Can I Lose Myself?

26 Aug

This is just another side to me.


I see their lifestyles and their values if any. I wonder. I know sometimes these people may pretend to like me just to get me in their web like a spider in a cobweb. I see beyond that. Sometimes I see the ugly stares or even rudeness.

I know that maybe I should compromise. However I decide not to and just to be myself. I like myself and I know that there are others who do too. I don’t want to lose myself or the other people in my life. I try to change and please other people but I come back to myself. I can’t seem to lose myself. I come to the conclusion that I’m not a people pleaser. I once was. I guess I’ve stepped out of the box.

Have I given up too much stepping out of the box? I guess there are some things I…

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Cake Day At Karachi University

15 Aug


Daily Prompt: Standout

When was the last time you really stood out in a crowd? Are you comfortable in that position, or do you wish you could fade into the woodwork?

Last time I stood out in a crowd was the last time I was present in a crowd and it was not more than two days ago i.e..  on 13th August.

Actually It was the celebration of independence day in our university On 13th of august as it was to be an official off on 14Th (Independence day of Pakistan). So I decided to look into the event for a short while before going home. When I, along with a few friends of mine, reached the venue, it was nothing that I expected but it was one of the crowdiest place I’ve been to for quite some time, and so being 5’1 I wasn’t able to see the promised…

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Lost Dreams

10 Aug

We thought we were madly in love. Now we know it was only lust. We thought it to be exciting and happiness. We said why shouldn’t we have it?

We threw caution to the wind and forgot about the ones we love in our selfishness.
We took the excitement. We took the lust and we made it ours. We realize It was only a fling.

We realized that we hurt the ones we love. Didn’t we realize we were both committed to others in marriage? What made us so foolish?

Will they ever forgive us? Will they ever take us back and give us a chance to get back the dreams we lived with them? Have we lost the dreams we already had for a few thrills? The new dreams are not worth the old ones we already had.

So This Is My Birthday

5 Aug

So today is my birthday.  It’s a big one but I won’t say that number.  I don’t live it and I don’t feel it.  I think I’m the young and old because I learn from both. 

I’ve been celebrating it for almost two weeks.  I just felt motivated and thought of the new things I have come to know in these last years.  I remember when I was younger.  There was one time when I couldn’t be interested in anything.  Now all I look forward to is new things and going on with the interests I have now.

The things that I am most happy about is that I have a granddaughter starting college this year and my beautiful daughter’s achievements.  She In turn is my proud achievement in life.  Of course I am also happy for my husband and him being my buddy and being able to hang out together since he retired.  We don’t go by any set schedule or rules. We’re just enjoying life.  That’s a kind of freedom to me that I relish.

Some people may feel they have nothing to look forward to at this age.  I feel that I may have a lot to look forward to.  The journey brings different things and you never know what adventures, challenges and blessings it may bring.






Daily Prompt:tate Of Your Year

1 Aug

This year has been rewarding but I still have to find things to do.  I made New Year resolutions but as the year went on I made new ones.  I think I really discovered writing this year and used my writing skills I learned in school.  I’m still learning from reading other’s post.

I am still interested in music and playing piano solos on the keyboard.  I have stuck to a nightly schedule of tidying my home up before I go to sleep, washing the dishes, picking up and emptying the garbage.  I find I wake up feeling better.  I am taking better care of my teeth and have a bike exerciser and worked out a daily exercise program that works for me.

I still have my bad days like today.  I haven’t been able to exercise yet because I haven’t slept last night.  I feel pretty good about what I’m doing so far but know I have to work on some things.

The one big thing and thing that brought be the most happiness  is that my Granddaughter graduated from high school.  My birthday is Sunday and I’m looking forward to a fun weekend and have been celebrating in my own way all week.