17 Jul

It’s only July but there’s a lot of school supplies on sale in the midst of this summer season.  Lots of people are buying school supplies while they’re on sale for September.  It sort of made me think, rushing the seasons.  I decided I would and instead of buying anymore summer clothes I would look for clothes I could wear in the fall.

Life is sort of like that.  When we are young, kids we can’t wait until we grow up.  With me I was so glad when I got old enough to go to high school and then to college.  We often can’t wait until we’re grown and can do adult things, branch out on our own, go to clubs and get jobs and our own place.

Soon as we grow older and we look back, we wish we could turn back the clock and relive the fun, the freedom of having less responsibilities and the favors of youth.  We want to rush the seasons and then we want to turn back the seasons.  What we must learn is to enjoy every season that we’re in now, the fun and energy of youth, the wisdom and experiences of being older and new things to do.  Live every season.  Learn to enjoy the fruits of each and savor them.


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