Daily Prompt: SingularSensation

13 Jul

If I could change one thing in writing my blog in someone’s life it would be the power to change, to grow and to step out of the box.

So many people are stuck in a rut, depressed, or just don’t know how to step out of a box,  Stepping out of the box doesn’t mean make a radical change in your life.  It may just mean coming out of a shell or being more positive, changing your way of thinking and being more positive about yourself.

When I find myself thinking negative, letting other people’s negative remarks put me down, I say affirmations to myself and think of all the positive things about myself.  There is one thing I do all the time, reinvent to be more interesting to myself and my partner.  This may be just dying my hair. 

However it’s more than little things to me.It’s being open to new ideas, books and quest for life.  I don’t know why but I’ve become like this in my middle years and appreciate some things much more than I used to.  I have interests now that I didn’t have before and so glad I have the time to enjoy this. Yes.  It’s a simple life to me and I enjoy it.  I’d like to help others too by my lifestyle blog.



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