Daily Prompt: The Natural World

1 Jul

The first memorable impression of nature was seeing a red bird.  I don’t remember when but the red bird was so red and beautiful to me I almost couldn’t believe it.  To me it looked like art and many things of nature do to me.  I look at ducks in a pond and the different colors and designs are amazing.  I think, well they are truly a work of art by our Master, God. 

I say that the red bird was my first memory of being art by nature but I really  appreciate it and enjoy it when I sit in my backyard and look at how much of nature their I there.  I see the bushes, the plants, the birds flying overhead even landing in my backyard and watch them play.  The sunset is the most beautiful with it’s  brilliant orange and blue color in the sky.

Yes nature is so beautiful that an artist on earth does not make.




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