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Daily Prompt: Pat On The Back

31 Jul

A message to my Daughter:  I am so very proud of you.  You’ve  grown into the daughter that I am proud of and more.  You are beautiful inside and out.  I’ve seen how you raise your daughter and have met blessings and yet overcome pitfalls.  I know you have followed some of the things I taught you.  You were kind enough to tell me you appreciate how I reared you but you have added your own sense and smartness to that.

You have grown  so much that I have come to you with my problems and asked you for advice.  You even knew how to console me when you were a child. Now I have my sense and life’s experiences plus yours. 

Yes you have made me proud and more. 

All my love to my daughter Tamra.


LinkedIn – Building connections… and your writing business

30 Jul

Live to Write - Write to Live

I’ve written about LinkedIn for Journalists and LinkedIn for Writers here, among others, and today  I’m going to show you a few ways to use LinkedIn to build professional connections that can lead to more work.

LinkedIn Groups are great resources created about specific topics or themes, or based on industries and professions. Groups can help you stay current with news, trends, and what’s up and coming. They are a fantastic way for making connections. You can even develop yourself into an expert through asking and answering questions posed by LinkedIn members.

Here are some ways to find the groups that are right for you:

  1. Determine a goal. It’s tempting to jump into any group that catches your eye, but to build your business, pick a single focus, such as connecting with potential clients, establishing your authority through your credentials, increasing your knowledge in your field of choice, and…

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17 Jul

It’s only July but there’s a lot of school supplies on sale in the midst of this summer season.  Lots of people are buying school supplies while they’re on sale for September.  It sort of made me think, rushing the seasons.  I decided I would and instead of buying anymore summer clothes I would look for clothes I could wear in the fall.

Life is sort of like that.  When we are young, kids we can’t wait until we grow up.  With me I was so glad when I got old enough to go to high school and then to college.  We often can’t wait until we’re grown and can do adult things, branch out on our own, go to clubs and get jobs and our own place.

Soon as we grow older and we look back, we wish we could turn back the clock and relive the fun, the freedom of having less responsibilities and the favors of youth.  We want to rush the seasons and then we want to turn back the seasons.  What we must learn is to enjoy every season that we’re in now, the fun and energy of youth, the wisdom and experiences of being older and new things to do.  Live every season.  Learn to enjoy the fruits of each and savor them.

Daily Prompt: Singular Sensation

13 Jul

Daily Prompt: SingularSensation

13 Jul

If I could change one thing in writing my blog in someone’s life it would be the power to change, to grow and to step out of the box.

So many people are stuck in a rut, depressed, or just don’t know how to step out of a box,  Stepping out of the box doesn’t mean make a radical change in your life.  It may just mean coming out of a shell or being more positive, changing your way of thinking and being more positive about yourself.

When I find myself thinking negative, letting other people’s negative remarks put me down, I say affirmations to myself and think of all the positive things about myself.  There is one thing I do all the time, reinvent to be more interesting to myself and my partner.  This may be just dying my hair. 

However it’s more than little things to me.It’s being open to new ideas, books and quest for life.  I don’t know why but I’ve become like this in my middle years and appreciate some things much more than I used to.  I have interests now that I didn’t have before and so glad I have the time to enjoy this. Yes.  It’s a simple life to me and I enjoy it.  I’d like to help others too by my lifestyle blog.


Daily Prompt: The Natural World

1 Jul

The first memorable impression of nature was seeing a red bird.  I don’t remember when but the red bird was so red and beautiful to me I almost couldn’t believe it.  To me it looked like art and many things of nature do to me.  I look at ducks in a pond and the different colors and designs are amazing.  I think, well they are truly a work of art by our Master, God. 

I say that the red bird was my first memory of being art by nature but I really  appreciate it and enjoy it when I sit in my backyard and look at how much of nature their I there.  I see the bushes, the plants, the birds flying overhead even landing in my backyard and watch them play.  The sunset is the most beautiful with it’s  brilliant orange and blue color in the sky.

Yes nature is so beautiful that an artist on earth does not make.