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Daily Prompt: Morality

26 Jun

My morals come from my parents and religion.  They are intertwined since my Mother brought me up in the faith she was and I embraced it as a child.  I became more open to other religions as an adult so I try to understand and keep an open mind when others have different religions than mind values I don’t know.  It is hard but when people try to force their values or beliefs on me I tend to back away or avoid them.


The Simple Life

24 Jun

Have to reblog for me.


I feel so plain and simple but with a swish of my comb I’ll have a new hairstyle. I’ll put on my red lipstick and makeup and I’ll be completely different.

I think I’ll wear one of my pencil skirts and that new camisole I just bought. I’ll top it off by wearing my new black patent high heels not those plain old flats I’ve been wearing.

I’ll avoid the stares and smiles because I’m really a shy girl underneath.
Oh well here I am walking down the street. Why is that man looking at me with that lustful look? Is my skirt too tight, my top too low? No. He’s just being a dirty old man.

I pass another guy and notice how cute he is. I smile brightly and say hi. He returns the smile and starts a conversation with me. I leave him with my phone number…

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Sunday’s the day to sing, rant and roll

16 Jun

Take a look at the videos

The Same Old Dress

15 Jun

The Same Old Dress


She wears the same old dress. She doesn’t have time to fix herself up. She gives all to her husband and her three children. She’s busy cleaning and cooking and taking care of the kids.

They occasionally go out but she never buys anything new to wear or go to the beauty shop or bother with makeup. Her husband has his night out with the boys and she stays home with the kids.

She notices that some of the women take care of their families but they have girls night out and wonder how some of them have the latest hairstyles, makeup and wear cute clothes. She puts those thoughts out because her kids and husband comes first and thinks she would be being frivolous spending money on herself.

However she notices that sometimes her husband has a wandering eye and looks at the other women in the neighborhood and…

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6 Jun

A thing I’ll never write about are my innermost thoughts because they are too private and I don’t always mean what I think.  I don’t always act on them and I may be judged as if I do.  Also I would never write a private secret about someone because you never know who’s reading.

Daily Post: Fight or Flight

1 Jun

I will stand up for my beliefs but honestly I usually run from confrontations.  The person who you’d confront is usually opinionated so it won’t matter. I did disagree with a teacher and I was sorry because I had a hard time the whole semester.