Adventures In Shopping

21 May

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My Blog Journal of Organizing, Shopping & My Life

I stopped in Macys last week, yeah just happened to stop. I usually don’t do much shopping in Macys because I’m a bargain shopper and frequent less expensive stores looking for sales. Although I admit some of their prices can be too much.

I was lucky I caught a sale. I went there looking for a blazer. I had looked in other stores and couldn’t find what I wanted. When I did it was attached to a suit and I would have to buy the suit to get the jacket. Well I did find a dressy jacket or blazer I wanted that wasn’t on sale.

However I bought it because it was just what I wanted. The thing is if I had bought something else just because it was cheaper it would just hang in my closet and wasted money. I’d rather pay a little more for something I really…

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