So Everythings Perfect In My Life

19 May

My life is so perfect I can’t believe it.  Yes everything is always alright with my life.  My friends and neighbors envy me.  I must always smile and put on this face.  I so wish sometimes that I could vent and let the stress out.The stress of holding this face of a perfect life. 

I wish I could talk to my friend, Joyce, and tell about the trips away from home that my husband takes.  Of course they are essential to his job and he makes more money than the other husbands.  That’s why I have so much.  My kids and I are the best dressed ones.  At the same time he’s never home and I would rather have their lives than be alone so much.  Did I say that?

I must keep the happy face on and the charade that everything is alright with my life.  My kids are not the most respectful or appreciative kids but that’s because we encourage them to express themselves.  My little Jennie would love to go outside and play with the other kids but she has her music lessons and then her dance lessons.  I suffer silently and wonder if it’s all worth it. 

I’m on the phone begging the father of my children to come home but he says he has more business to attend to.  After all he;s working hard so we can have the perfect life.  Who was that woman I heard. in the background?  That was just room service.  He says I’m being silly again.  After all everything is alright with my life, the perfect life.



One Response to “So Everythings Perfect In My Life”

  1. shalilah2002 May 20, 2013 at 12:37 am #

    On perfect life. this is fictional not about me.


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