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Quick Tip: Three Steps for Perfect Proofing

30 May

I should save this.

The Daily Post

There’s a tedious but necessary final step before hitting “publish”: proofreading. If you’re anything like me, proofreading is the antithesis of writing, cruelly shunting you from an intuitive, creative flow to the much-less-fulfilling world of misplaced commas and accidental their/there/they’re confusion.

Still, it’s gotta be done; an error dulls the shine from the most sparkling prose, and even personal, stream-of-consciousness posts benefit from good copyediting. Try these three steps to become your own best editor:

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Daily Post: Goals

22 May

When I joined WordPress my goal was to write an article for a magazine.  I found out I could write for or on wordpress and my articles or posts would be published here.  I like it.  I found I got to read articles by more professional writers and have been learning so much.  I also get to express myself. 

NoI haven’t even tried to publish or write for a magazine.  I am a novice and have much to lear and love the experience I get on WordPress.  If I never write an article for a magazine it’s alright  because I’m writing on topics that concern and I know and like.  Someday I may write an article for a magazine but as of now I’m thankful for what I can do now.

I like to write articles that help people and if  I can do that I am satisfied and fulfilled.

Adventures In Shopping

21 May

I would like to have a copy so I reblog

Daily Prompt: Senses dulled and one more sharp.

21 May

I would want my sight sharper because it frightens me to think of losing it.  The second one that I would want sharper would be sense of hearing.  I could be able to see through hearing.

So Everythings Perfect In My Life

19 May

My life is so perfect I can’t believe it.  Yes everything is always alright with my life.  My friends and neighbors envy me.  I must always smile and put on this face.  I so wish sometimes that I could vent and let the stress out.The stress of holding this face of a perfect life. 

I wish I could talk to my friend, Joyce, and tell about the trips away from home that my husband takes.  Of course they are essential to his job and he makes more money than the other husbands.  That’s why I have so much.  My kids and I are the best dressed ones.  At the same time he’s never home and I would rather have their lives than be alone so much.  Did I say that?

I must keep the happy face on and the charade that everything is alright with my life.  My kids are not the most respectful or appreciative kids but that’s because we encourage them to express themselves.  My little Jennie would love to go outside and play with the other kids but she has her music lessons and then her dance lessons.  I suffer silently and wonder if it’s all worth it. 

I’m on the phone begging the father of my children to come home but he says he has more business to attend to.  After all he;s working hard so we can have the perfect life.  Who was that woman I heard. in the background?  That was just room service.  He says I’m being silly again.  After all everything is alright with my life, the perfect life.


Daily Prompt: Three people walk into a bar

13 May

Three people walk into a bar.  Two are girls and one of them is a man.  One girl says to another” Are we game for anything tonight?”  The other says “No, you came with us you go home with us.”  The guy says, “Where do I stand.?  The girls say,  “You’re a pickup.  So you’re on your own.”

Daily Post” Embrace The white Space

8 May

I love to read blogs that are short and get to the point.  That’s the ones I favor.  When they just go on and on I just lose interest.  It seems sometimes the writer is just adding more and more to make a long article.