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Early Bird or Night Owl

27 Apr

I’,not the kind of person who parties a lot at night or even goes out that much at night.  However I may still be a nightowl because sometimes I get a surge of energy at night.  I start playing music, doing housework or feel like taking a ride around time.  Sometimes I just slump around the house all day and wake up and come alive at night.


The Forest

24 Apr

I’m afraid to go into the forest.

Afraid that I may get lost in the forest and never get out.

I hear it calling with it’s towering trees and wonder what’s in it.

It lures me and I venture into it.

All at once I feel this solitude I’ve never felt before.

There’s a quietness and a peaceful feeling.

I sit and lean against a tree.

I’ve found the solitude and peacefulness I’ve been longing for.

I’m away from the chaotic world and I think I’ll stay in the forest.

I don’t know if I’ll ever leave the forest.

Why Did I loose Myself?

9 Apr

We don’t fit in with the crowd.  So we think something is wrong with us.  We long to fit in & be part of the going crowd. 

Soon we change some of the things  about us; the way we talk, clothes, hairstyles, etc. We even change the way we think.

Soon we become like the crowd or going click and we are acceptable.

As we grow older we miss that person we changed.  We see qualities and values we lost that others have and we miss that person we were.  We are grown now and see life differently.  If we are lucky that person we wanted to get rid of is still there. We just have to let her or him come back in our grownselves.  We’ll be better and more complete.  I hope I never lose me again.  Come to think of it I didn’t.  She just had to remind me and become with the grown me.


4 Apr

Do you ever wish for the old, miss things of your childhood, your younger years?  It may be a good things.  Sometimes in this changing, chaotic, fast-paced time we may need this. 

I’m not saying to dwell on the past.  However I like old movies, especially black and white.  They seem more simple, peaceful and less violent.  I like to look at treelined streets, old houses and they still exists today.  I find old houses awesome. I mean older than mine.  I live in an old house.

I catch the doo wop programs on PBS and listen to oldies but goodies.  I find it refreshing and takes my mind off the crime in my city  and the news about the muggings and groceries being taken from two young women when they came out of the grocery store.  Yes in  the local shopping center that I go to every week. 

I’m getting angry now so I’ll go on with my nostalgia.  Well bell bottoms are back, turtlenecks that I wore in the 70’s and some of the hairdos.  Yes I still roller set my hair sometimes and so glad that 

a few stores still sell electric rollers.  Ah nostalgia is so beautiful.  That’s why some of us would like things like holiday cards and even stationery to stay in the stores.  We don’t always send our friends & relatives emails.  Some really like a personal note.  Yes I still write thank you notes.  Yes nostalgia is wonderful.  Sometimes we make it real.  Now let me go. So I can play Unforgettable or maybe  Moon River on my keyboard.