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Another Way To Kill

22 Mar

So you must know there’s another way to kill me.  You don’t need to use weapons, knives or a gun.

Your ugly stares, your hostility.  Don’t speak of your unkind words to me and the way you put me down.  How can you gossip about that lady so much and put ugly rumors all over town about her?  Are you jealous because she may have a little bit more than you, gets attention from the kind of men you don’t, has friends that you don’t, or maybe she’s just a little bit prettier than you.

Your gossip, your negative remarks, your lies, and your hostility have killed her a long time ago.

Yes there’s another way of killing but I don’t think I’ll allow you to kill me like that because I’m a little bit stronger than you.  You see I don’t have to resort to that to be somebody.  I can just be me which you are trying to destroy but I know deep inside even if I become hurt and depressed I will always be there.


It’s A New Day

1 Mar

So I read this prompt the other day.  What is the first thought you had when you woke up this morning?  I have had the flu for quite a while and been under the weather but was feeling better.

Coming back to my old self and awoke to it’s a new day.  It’s a new chance on life.  I don’t know what may come my way today.  I may meet a positive person who will make a difference or do something different.  I get a chance to do some of the things I enjoy doing like reading, blogging, writing, and organizing.  I like to organize also because I think it’s a great stress reliever.  I used to wake up thinking the same old humdrum but about a year ago I changed and got a different outlook.  You never know what life may bring and you get a chance to make up for the mistakes of yesterday or make more.  However sometimes mistakes if you want to call them can be sliding off your schedule and doing fun things instead.  when I look back I don’t feel guilty I know that at the time I needed the change.