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So Beauty Is Within

16 Feb

Beauty is within.  If you hear somebody talk about themselves all the time, no matter how pretty or handsome he or she is you won’t want to be around them after awhile and they won’t seem so attractive. 

Sometimes I’ve been attracted to a person because of the way he talked and treated me more than his looks.  My husband impressed me when I first met him by his demeanor.  Yes beauty is within and personality does count quite a bit.









15 Feb

Love is forever changing,forever learning, forever knowing.  Love is willing to give, to know when to receive, to compromise and when to change for you and the person you truly love.

Random Thought

11 Feb

I wish my blog would show my reblogs and other things I acknowledge.

Simple Lifestyle

10 Feb

The lifestyle is very simple.  Sometimes you just need to add some creativity to it.  Change a room, buy some entertainment for yourself, a CD or DVD, magazine, makeup,  get tips on makeup from UTube whatever is fun for you.  Combine your talents or your interests in your home. 

I like reading and stocked up on paperbacks for the New Year during Christmas time, got new furniture for my bedroom, and I just finished playing my favorite piano solos on the keyboard. 

Before I go to bed I think I’ll kick back with some guaguamole and a winecooler.  Instead of sewing over the weekend I think I’ll look through my fashion magazines and scrapbook the pictures I want to save before I throw them away.  All these things I like.

Getting to Know Me

4 Feb

I am a lady to has a grown daughter and grandaughter.  I have many interest like sewing, fashion, makeup and writing.  I do a lot of thinking about life and different lifestyles we havem including the problems we have.  I hope I make friends who are interested and I can learn from them as well as help them with my posts or article.

I can be very spiritual at times and often experience karma and like to practice reinventing myself.